Top Google Tools to Promote Small Businesses.

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Google Offer:  Every day, I receive a newsletter in my email, notifying me of great Google offer in my area, an average individual would check his or her email once per day, what’s as good as forwarding your business promotion to thousands of Gmail users every morning? It’s just like advertising on good morning America. On Google offer platform, all you have to do is create a promotion for your store, submit, and Google handles the rest by directing the right customer to your store. This way, you’re able to reach the right customer, increase web traffic to your online store and create a loyal customer from potential customers. Everybody wants to buy things at cheaper price, or better still earn incentive on their purchase. Create a promotion offer that would not hurt your profit is a good way to keep the customer coming over and over again. Small business owners should make use of this offer in getting their business promotion out there to numerous customers.

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Google Ads: Business promotion is all about telling people what your offer is, be it product or services; the idea of promoting a small business is to get the message out there. Google Ads offers great opportunity to get your message across to your potential customer, with Google ads, you decide who, how and when people get to hear about your product and services. Gone are the days of classified and TV ads, which are not only expensive but also unproductive, compared to online ads. Google gives you the platform to spread your message through their advertising platform, to millions of potential clients, based on your budget. All you have to do is master the system and set the ball rolling. Small business owners should leverage on this great opportunity in promoting their business, especially by targeting their ads towards the local internet users.


Google Adword: Over the years, Google have successfully created a robust intelligence of how people make use of the internet, what they search for, where they’re searching for it, and terms they use in searching. Google makes theirs data available to their advertisers free of charge! That’s the best thing about Google Adword, compared to other premium intelligence product, which to me is not as accurate as the Google Adword tools. With such data at hand, advertisers are able to target their ads towards the right audience which increases their return on investment above average. With Google Adword, advertisers are not just shooting blanks, but rather targeting the perfect audience for their business. Small business owners should learn to use Google Adword tools, to know how much their competitor is paying for ads, and how they can out-run them and win customers over.READ: Benjamin Cohen’s Small Business Strategy Guide to Google Adword.


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Google Apps  for Business :  My school makes use of Google Apps for Education, it’s a very robust system, I make use of Google Apps for Business too, it allows me to create my own web-based emails, documents, calendar and vital information about my client, giving me access to all this on the go. You don’t have to carry your personal computer around, no fear of losing your data to virus or other computer glitches. It gives your business the professional look that you require in moving your business to the next level. With Google apps for business, team work is promoted among employee as you all work across the same platform, sharing ideas and instruction. It’s like an online virtual office where everybody comes in (log-in in this case) and goes about his/her daily duty. Small business should make use of the Google apps for small business to increase their productivity, professionalism and timely delivery.READ: Jonathan Blum on Wat You Need to Know About Google Apps for Business.

Google Cloud Storage: I used to pay for premium anti-virus software every year, in other to protect my computer from being infected; I do this because I don’t want anything to go wrong with the files on my computer.  Since the commercial inception of Google cloud storage, I use free antivirus, since I have a copy of my data, secured and safe somewhere in the “cloud”, you should read my post on 4 reasons why small business should go cloudy. Google cloud storage is relatively cheap, allowing you to store and retrieve your data, anywhere at any time around the globe. Now, that’s what I call cloud! Small business owners should leverage on the flexibility of this tools in promoting their small business, ensuring adequate productivity, giving access to their users across the globe, with fast access to their application either from web browser or mobile apps.


Google Chrome Browser: It’s simple, fast, secure, reliable, supports HTML 5, responsive and elegant. Words cannot describe how much I love the Google chrome browser. It allows you to manage all your account with a single login.  Did I say it’s free? Yes! It’s free too. Its compatibility is unquestionable. Small business owner should have Google chrome browser installed on their computer at home and in office to increase their productivity.


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Google Analytics: It’s a rule of thumb that every small business should have a blog, Google analytics is part of Google webmaster product, available for free! It allows you to monitor visitors’ behavior on your site, the total time spent on your site, your average monthly visitors; unique page view and other data that might help improve your online presence. Google analytics is a very robust tool; it allows you to set a goal and work toward achieving it. This tool is great for small business owner in other to know where to concentrate when publishing post on their blog; it gives insight into goal conversion and much more.


Google Webmaster Tools: I run a small business blog, and the Google Webmaster tool has been very helpful, it notifies me of crawling error when there is one, allows me to know how many of my pages has been indexed, gives me insight on my page load time, how my blog appears to visitors amidst many other data. It’s the best way to monitor how well your small business blog is doing on search engine, giving you the opportunity to make changes/correction where need be.


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Google+ For Business: Facebook is a great way to reach targeted audience; you can read my post about how to reach targeted audience using Facebook ads. Truth be told, in a couple of years to come, Google+ would outshine Facebook, because Google Inc. is investing a lot of money and time into making this social platform the best. Small business owner should create a Google+ page for their business, it does not only help in getting your business out there, it helps in search engine optimization. I’ve had excellent result on my blog with the help of Google+, with the Plus one button, it’s easy to make your business or blog go viral.READ: Small Business and Social Media.

YouTube Channel: I spend hours watching my favorite YouTube channels every day. Some people are lazy readers, they would rather watch than read, study also shows that, it’s easy to remember what you watch (because you’re make use of various senses) than what you read. Google Inc. owns YouTube, which allows you to post your video online for free! Small business owners can leverage on this platform to promote their business through video introduction on their YouTube channel,
Google Maps for Business: Millions of people make use of Google map on daily basis, they use the map to navigate around town, locate local businesses; restaurants, stores, mall, hotel, café e.t.c. With your business listed on the Google map, it’s like erecting a huge bill board pointing people to your business center. Google map for business has what it takes to increase your sales, users are also allowed to write a review about your service, when you have good reviews, this will help point more clients towards your direction.



Google Shopping: The Google shopping platform allows you to sell your product on Google. It’s the best way to drive traffic to your store; the platform allows you to list your product with details and pictures. The product listing ads is displayed on Google search results, just above the organic search result. I was watching a show on TV some months ago, where the CEO of 1-800-Flowers was commenting on how effective Google product listing have been for his business. You can leverage of this opportunity too as a small business owner and get you product across to millions of people every day.


Google Wallet: I live in a country where fraud is very prevalent, which makes it very difficult to transact online, especially with foreign company. When I use my credit card on foreign website, it gets declined immediately because my country is marked to be high risked. This is where Google Wallet comes in! Google gives my seller the assurance that they need. With the Google checkout option on small business website, you’re directly increasing your potential customer base, allowing people from third world country to make purchase on your website through the Google checkout option. Since I get to know about Google wallet, I have been able to make purchase online with my credit card through Google wallet, pay for web hosting, buy books and other item which I was unable to buy initially. Small business owners should incorporate the Google check out option on their website, this will avail them the opportunity to reach potential client in developing country. Google wallet also allows you to connect your Google offers from your site to wallet; just like auto coupon or better still auto-discount for your loyal customer.
Google Consumer Survey: Google Inc. is an household name, which means billions of people make use of Google on daily basis. The best way to get people’s opinion about a particular issue is to ask them, right? That’s what Google consumer survey offers small business owners, the platform allows you to find out what people really think about your product or services. If you need to make a decision really fast, it’s good to know that the Google Consumer Survey analyze survey result in days, since the volume of Google user is in millions, it becomes very easy to sample people’s opinion.
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  1. Top Google Tools to Promote Small Businesses.

    There are various tools on the internet that can be used to promote small businesses, some are free why others a premium, I had done my best to compile a comprehensive list of Google products that small business owners can use to promote their business…

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